Latest Surveying Technology

We designed and wrote our own online software survey system to allow us to create and use cutting edge research methods.  Known as SMP it includes specialised shop questions for market share research, tachistiscope for response testing, visual scales for brand image management, max diff for choice modelling and much more..,

Advanced Methodologies

Dr Phil Emerson previously lectured in statistics and market research at various universities and has spent a lifetime developing advanced measurement and modelling techniques and systems.  Some of our methods are outlined below.

Online Dashboard Reporting

When appropriate Emerson & Hughes used the latest online technologies to deliver cutting edge dashboard reporting systems that deliver insights and expolorative capabilities to your senior management teams fast.



Brand Health Measurement and Tracking



ROME is the most comprehensive Brand Health tracking service available. Exploiting the cutting edge power of the SMP Surveying system, ROME can provide a complete picture of your brand portfolio health relative to your opposition with a very cost effective solution.

ROME can cover off all your brand health measures or just a sub set depending on your needs including:

Switching Analysis
Demand Analysis (MIPs)
New Brand Tracking
Advertising Tracking
Promotional Tracking
Ad Hoc

Reported online using fast online dashboards your marketing teams know exactly how their initiatives are performing all the time.

The ‘ROME’ system tells your marketing teams exactly how and where they are performing on a regular basis. Contact us to find out more today.

Brand Image and Perception


Mirage reprsents the ultimate in brand perceptual mapping and image tracking. Using the latest technology created for both online data collection and online dashboard reporting Emerson & Hughes create advanced brand image measurement systems that lets you see into the consumers mind.

The Mirage system answers the important questions in brand management:

What are the core drivers that determine brand choice?
How do my brands compare to the opposition on these drivers?
Where do my brands sit in consumer space?
What do I need to do to shift my brands image?

Our systems deliver interactive dashboards (move the target brand and see the market outcome) and map the three market elements (the brands, the attributes and the consumers) so you can see if your brands are sitting where the consumers are and if not how to move them there.

New Product Development


New Product Development (NPD) is a speciality of Emerson & Hughes. We have a suite of products that can take you from the raw untested ideas to the hard and finished product ready for launch. Our in-house online surveying system was built for NPD, allowing the easy integration of images, audio and video, and advanced question types such Visual Shop, Visual Scale Board, Tachistiscope.

Simple systems like ‘Build It’ allow you to have the customer build their ideal product selecting from each element of the final offer to build and entire unit.

Price Lab lets you establish the ideal price position of the brand using a combination of techniques.

Pack testing using the online Tachistiscope and Visual Scales ensures you get the balance right between shelf bounce and image positioning.

Total Offer Testing allows you to test the final offer before going to market and establish a market share estimate – never launch an expensive failure again.



What drives your market?
What are the marketing elements that most determine brand choice?
How can I construct products that will best answer my customers needs?

If these are the sorts of questions that are important to you then Conjont (Choice Moddeling) may just be what you need

The popularity of this technique has grown considerably in the last few years due largely to the growth of online surveying systems that allow the data to be collected cost effectively. But conducting the research cost effectively and correctly is difficult.

Emerson & Hughes, and in particular Dr Phil Emerson, have developed advanced methodologies to help exploit the benefits of this researc method with confidence.

The SMP surveying system is a part of the answer to the successful deployment of conjoint research projects. The method demands an effective questionning system that can easily set up the product conditions on sets of cards such that they attractively display the various elements and are easy to answer.

Our system allows us to set up the questionnaire quickly with the analysis and reporting just as fast – including online dashboard reporting systems that take full effect of the power of this technique.