National Field Team

Emerson & Hughes field staff can reach every corner of Australia, from the main capital cites to most regional destinations.  Highly trained and expert in capturing field data, we can get the information you need where ever it is.

Latest Technology

Our staff are armed with the latest in scanning and recording technologies enabling fast, accurate data collection.  We built the SMP Survey Software  system for online shopper simulation research and shopper insights investigation.

Online Dashboard Reporting

Online dashboards drive our reporting systems ensuring you get the data you need quickly and to all the people you need to via the internet.

Innovative Measures

The indexes we create based on the data we collect provide immediate field operations insights, highlighting issues quickly.


Visibility Sells

  • Creating visibility is the reason we have a sales force.
  • Its the reason we create trade standards.
  • It’s the reason we produce and place merchandising material.
  • It’s the reason we pay for prime positions in store.
  • It’s the reason we haggle over facings and what shelf they go on.

Measuring visibility ensures that what we are trying to achieve, gets done.


The ‘Power Of Presence’ is a comprehensive in-store field audit that quantifies how effective your field sales force is, compared to the opposition, and provides the feedback you need to fix the issues and gain the competitive advantage in-store – where it counts.

Shopper Insights and the Customer Journey

Understanding how the shopper shops the shop is vital to maximising the potential of the products.

The how, what, why, when and who of shopping is captured using Emerson & Hughes’ comprehensive ‘Shopper Quest’ method.


Journey Tracker‘ combines online surveying with in-store observation to provide the total picture of how the shopper shops, arming you with the information needed to maximise sales.

Compliance - is not a dirty word.

Getting what you paid for should be expected.  Our compliance systems are built for companies that are keen to maximise their trade spend by ensuring the placement is maximised, correct, and maintained over the agreed time frame.

We have measured compliance as low as 30% and as high as 99% – what is yours?



Our ‘Promotional Tie Up System‘ with its fast online real time reporting, quantifies the compliance equation – giving you the control to fix any issues quickly and ensuring you get a return on the investment.

Asset Tracking

Do you know where all your trade assets are. We have been regularly asked to track down retial fridges, freezers, wire displays, counter top displays, telephones, ATMs, bar displays, outdoor signage, promotional displays – you would be surprised what goes missing.


Our tracking services have also been used to check on the qualitative elements of trade items such as the working condition, the cleanliness, its position in store etc.
If you think you know where it is we can find it – or not.

Mystery Shopping

It is difficult for you to see what really goes on in your stores when you only have an insider’s view. Mystery shoppers give you an outsider’s view of what happens on the inside.

Mystery shoppers allow you to  to measure quality of service, or compliance with regulation, or to gather specific information about products and services.


The feedback obtained by mystery shoppers is unbiased and as close to reality as is possible.

Mapping and the Census

How do I allocate my resources effectively?

Where is my core customer base?

How do I get to store more effectively?

These are just some of the questions that mapping your data can help you with.  And by matching your data the ABS suite of data tables the range of efficienciew you can obtain in the logistics and distribution systems can be significant.


Pictures, and particularly maps can highlight opportunities that would otherwise go missing.  Pairing your data with the ABS can be truly rewarding.

Ad Hoc - anything goes

If it exists we can measure it.  Over the past 23 years we have been asked to measure all manner of objects and events.  There is nothing that can’t benefit from being measured.


What gets measured gets done!